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Assessing the function of School Resource Officers in combating bullying in schools



Fargo, North Dakota – Safety, fighting, and bullying are big issues in schools around the country. School resource officers are one option available to students in the Fargo-Moorhead region.

The West Fargo Public Schools claim to have eight, the Fargo Police Department claims to have seven, and the Moorhead PD claims to have three full-time SROs.

“I want to have that positive impact in these kids’ lives and I work very closely with the school administration and counselors,” said Moorhead Police Dept. SRO Jordan Werk. “I mean all the staff here. We don’t want kids not want to come to school, we don’t want kids not to feel safe at school. We work really hard on making sure kids feel safe to be here.”

Officer Werk and other SROs play a crucial role in the school environment. Particularly considering how detrimental social media and other variables may be to students’ mental health. She added that conflicts and bullying can serve as a teaching opportunity for all parties.

“Social media really escalates a lot of things,” said Officer Werk. “Because kids make mistakes. We all make mistakes every day and I tell every kid that I talk with. We all made the mistake, the important piece is that you learn from it and don’t make it again.”