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Local News21 hours ago

1 shot in Downtown Fargo shooting

Fargo, North Dakota – When a man was shot on Friday night in the downtown area of Fargo, he was...

Local News22 hours ago

In its first year, Fargo Capstone Classical Academy promotes “Wisdom and Virtue”

Fargo, North Dakota – The headmaster of Capstone Classical Academy, Paul Fisher, claims that the school cultivates in its students...

Local News22 hours ago

After 42 years, a Fargo zoning regulation threatens an auto repair shop

Fargo, North Dakota – The city has informed Fargo business owner John Bultman that he is no longer permitted to...

North Dakota24 hours ago

North Dakota State University to receive $175,000 grant for computer engineering research

Fargo, North Dakota – A grant is being given to a well-known local university to support research and educate incoming...

Local News1 day ago

Chief of police in Fargo called the actions of the Memphis officers “abhorrent, horrifying, and horrible”

Fargo, North Dakota – Tyre Nichols, 29, was repeatedly struck by five Memphis police officers while they held him down...

Local News3 days ago

IT officials in North Dakota emphasizing safety in the face of rising numbers of cyberattacks

Bismarck, North Dakota – Legislators in North Dakota are making strengthening the state’s cybersecurity a top priority across the whole...

Local News3 days ago

NDSU announces proposed job cuts, reducing number of colleges

Fargo, North Dakota – The future of North Dakota State University may hold significant changes. A reduction in the number...

Crime & Safety3 days ago

At a Fargo church, a topless woman destroys a statue of Jesus

Fargo, North Dakota – After being detained for causing damage to property at a Fargo, North Dakota, church, a lady...

Local News3 days ago

Vanna Adventure Vans, based in Moorhead, will open a new production facility in West Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota – A successful Moorhead-based van customizing business is currently growing in West Fargo. “We’ve found it’s definitely...

North Dakota3 days ago

The cost of living in North Dakota keeps increasing

North Dakota – Many people worry if we will have to adjust to living in this way due to rising...