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Concordia College hosts Mental Health Rally



Fargo, North Dakota – A rally for mental health was held today on the campus of Concordia College by Creative Care for Reaching Independence of Moorhead to encourage discussions about individual problems. There was no need to register, the event was free, and it was informal.

The event featured inspirational speaker and mental health advocate Tasha Schuh as the main speaker.

“I share the power of P.A.T.H… an acronym for purpose, attitude, team, and hope. That really helped me be resilient when I was in an accident when I was 16 years old, ” Schuh said.

She discussed her book, which details her experience and journey with mental health.

“Many people said you’re gonna write a book someday, and I thought what a sad book…but I have been able to accomplish so much, I have been able to do so much from sitting in this wheelchair and so that’s why I wrote the book and to spread that message of hope” Schuh said.