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Frontier Communications to boost Dallas economy with bold relocation move



Dallas, Texas – Frontier Communications, a stalwart in telecommunication services that boasts a vast consumer base across 25 states, has made a landmark decision that echoes its commitment to innovation and growth. In a bold move, the corporation has announced its plans to relocate its headquarters from Norwalk, Connecticut, to the ever-thriving Uptown district of Dallas, Texas, according to Dallas Metro News.

A Strategic Move in the Making

Hints about the company’s possible relocation emerged as early as August, with the corporate weighing the benefits of shifting to either Dallas or Tampa, Florida. However, the final announcement came from the desk of Frontier’s CEO, Nick Jeffery, who triumphantly declared Dallas as the new epicenter for “Building Gigabit America.”

As elucidated by Jeffery, “Dallas is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top business cities,” which speaks volumes about the strategic foresight behind this move. Indeed, the decision was not made lightly, with Frontier enumerating a slew of significant factors behind their choice.

Topping the list was the undeniable boost the move promises to both local and Texan economies. The company forecasts an influx of a whopping $3.8 billion and a creation of over 3,000 jobs in the coming decade. Alongside these tangible benefits, Frontier also eyes the establishment of an ultra-modern headquarters in Dallas that would become a beacon for top-tier talent. This move will also foster the consolidation of its leadership team and facilitate the expansion of its expansive fiber network across Texas.

Dallas: The Rising Star of Corporate Relocations

Frontier’s transition to Dallas isn’t an isolated incident. The city has been increasingly identified by various enterprises for its business-friendly environment and its strategic central position, making it an attractive hub for operations. Adding to Dallas’s allure is Frontier’s financial disclosure, revealing an impressive annual revenue of nearly $5.8 billion in 2022.

With the move, Frontier has also showcased its investment acumen by acquiring a 95,000-square-foot office space in the upscale Uptown district, aptly named “GigaHub.” This facility, situated at 1919 McKinney Avenue, isn’t just an office space—it’s a testament to Frontier’s commitment to Dallas. By pledging to retain a minimum of 500 jobs in the GigaHub and an additional 600 positions from Allen, Texas, Frontier signifies its dedication to local employment and its phased plan to bring remote workers back to a physical office.

The Road Ahead

While specifics about Frontier’s complete transition to Dallas remain closely guarded, a few things are clear. The transition will be spread over five years, with a workforce comprising both new recruits and relocated employees. To further solidify its bond with Dallas, Frontier has set aside more than $7 million for expanding and refurbishing its new McKinney Avenue space.

In summary, Frontier Communications’ decision to move its headquarters to Dallas doesn’t just underscore its ambition and commitment to innovation, but it also reiterates Dallas’s growing reputation as a prime destination for corporations looking to evolve, innovate, and prosper.