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North Dakota

North Dakota is cheapest state to live in



Fargo, North Dakota – Inflation has been hurting Americans’ wallets the greatest for almost two years.

One-third of Americans are considering moving to a different state to avoid growing costs, according to a survey by ConsumerAffairs that looked at cost of living throughout the country.

Will more people move to North Dakota if costs keep going up? Indeed, given their most recent assessment of the cost of living, it might.

The state with the lowest cost of living in the US is North Dakota.

The lowest and highest costs of living in the United States were determined by the ConsumerAffairs data team by crunching data on items like housing and rental costs, utility, food, and gas prices, and tax rates.

According to the study, West Virginia had the second-lowest cost of living, while Michigan, Louisiana, and Ohio rounded out the top five states with the highest standard of life.

Hawaii is the state with the highest cost of living, followed by California, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts as the next five most expensive places to live.