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Local News13 hours ago

How Gov. Burgum stands in his potential bid

Fargo, North Dakota – A lawmaker from North Dakota is more likely to enter the presidential campaign. In less than...

Local News14 hours ago

Farm Rescue Receives $50,000 from Hess

Minot, North Dakota – As the spring planting season continues, Farm Rescue has been active in assisting families in need...

Local News14 hours ago

Fargo Human Rights Commission looking for applicants following vacancy notice

Fargo, North Dakota – The Human Rights Commission of the City of Fargo is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy...

Local News14 hours ago

The Fargo Library will celebrate Planting Day on June 1st

Fargo, North Dakota – A local horticultural organization and the Fargo Public Library invite the public to assist in the...

Local News3 days ago

According to a recent research, North Dakota is the most tolerant state for renters

Fargo, North Dakota – Recent growth in the Fargo-Moorhead region has been phenomenal, and a new study reveals that it...

Local News3 days ago

Concordia College hosts Mental Health Rally

Fargo, North Dakota – A rally for mental health was held today on the campus of Concordia College by Creative...

Local News3 days ago

The North Dakota DOT plans to spend $600 million on 200 projects

Fargo, North Dakota – The North Dakota Department of Transportation wants to encourage the public to work with the organization...

Local News3 days ago

Attorney General Wrigley of North Dakota attributes a significant rise in violent crimes in 2022 to drug trafficking and early release

Fargo, North Dakota – State Attorney General Drew Wrigley is pointing to factors he says contributed to a sharp rise...

Local News5 days ago

Near the Canadian border, North Dakota is planning a new state park

Bismarck, North Dakota – To encourage tourism in the state’s northeastern region, North Dakota plans to create a new state...

Local News5 days ago

Firefighter hurt in garage fire in Grand Forks

Grand Forks, North Dakota – Following a garage fire in Grand Forks, one firefighter suffers minor injuries. According to the...

Local News5 days ago

A refuge for unwanted electronics

Minot, North Dakota – Although there isn’t a formal procedure for recycling electronics in Ward County, some tech companies will...

Local News5 days ago

Following the discovery of a body on the Spirit Lake Reservation, the FBI is collaborating with North Dakota’s Bureau of Indian Affairs

Devils Lake, North Dakota – After a body was discovered over the weekend on the Spirit Lake Reservation close to...

Local News6 days ago

15th annual auto show held at The Elks Lodge

Bismarck, North Dakota – On Sunday, aficionados for vintage automobiles gathered to view several time capsules. The 15th Roughrider car...

Local News6 days ago

Agricultural plots for rent in Bismarck

Bismarck, North Dakota – Because food is still so expensive, some people are taking matters into their own hands and...