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West Fargo Police transport a man to a nearby mental health hospital using beanbag rounds and pepper balls



West Fargo, North Dakota – According to West Fargo Police, they used pepper balls and bean bags to apprehend a gun-wielding suicidal man.

After a man allegedly escaped a traffic stop, authorities say they proceeded to the 1900 block of Burlington Drive. There, they found the man with a gun in his garage and had made suicide threats.

According to West Fargo Police, they made an effort to defuse the situation by first utilizing a shotgun’s bean bag round.

Despite dropping his revolver, the man stayed in the garage. According to the authorities, at that point, the man was coerced into leaving the building using pepperball rounds.

After being placed under arrest, the man was transferred to a local emergency mental health hold. Here is the national suicide and crisis lifeline number to call if you or someone you know is suffering a mental health emergency: 9-8-8